Women's Health

Natural and herbal remedy recipes for women

Women's Health

The most important foundation to good health is getting proper nutrition from food. A balanced diet with sufficient nutrition is extremely vital to support the many stages of women's lives.

Menstrual Cramp 

Sixty percent of women have painful periods, sometimes with excessive bleeding and premenstrual syndrome of abdominal bloating, acne, backache, cramps, depression, insomnia, water retention and mood swings. The basic causes are growth defects, nutritional deficiencies, emotional upsets and excitement. Menstrual cycles are optimal when the body and mind are harmonious. Western medical advice to relief the problem are a good diet, less stress, extra B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E.

Chinese medicine sees the problem as damp sputum, energy congestion and blood coagulation, blood heat, blood and qi deficiency. The Chinese herbs in treating menstrual disorder are angelica or dang-gui, bupleurum, paeonia, taxillus, ginseng, cinnamon and rhubarb to nourish blood, clear heat, and to warm the meridians.

During the menstrual period, cut down the intake of cold foods such as salad to eliminate excessive bleeding. Eating sweet foods such as desserts will help the uterus to contract and to clear out all the menstrual blood for that period. Banana is high in vitamin B6 can calm nerve, promote better sleep and lessen stomach pain. Taking a glass of warm milk with honey before bed time can calm nerve, relieve anxiety, prevent inflammation and regulate menstrual flow.


Women can easily become anemic due to heavy menstrual flow and child birth. Anemic can affect the proper functioning of the ovaries and reproductive health. Promoting blood is a life long mission for women to support good health.

Lean meat, liver meat and spinach are easy to digest and high in iron which is best for promoting blood. It is highly recommended that women should avoid tea and coffee during menstrual cycle which can prohibit the absorption of iron.

Breast Tumor/Cancer

Women of reproductive age should consume more whole wheat and kelp. It is because they can regulate internal fluid and estrogen level, and prevent tumor growth. Kelp is rich in iodine and alkali. Iodine is vital to support thyroid function which regulates metabolic functions and hormone production. Thyroid hormone deficiency can reduce your metabolic rate as much as 50% which contributes to obesity. Taking kelp daily can help to reduce weight. Alkali can balance our body’s pH when it gets too acidic which can prevent tumor growth.

Red grapes have been found to contain resveratrol and other polyphenols, which help in fighting heart diseases, cancer and inflammatory problems. Eating some red grapes or a small glass of red wine per day can help women to prevent breast cancer.

Women getting at least 30 grams of fiber daily are half as likely to develop breast cancer, according to research. A bowl of whole grain cereal such as oat meal with blueberries will get you halfway there.

Gynecological Tumors/Cancer

Apple, red pepper and red color fruits and vegetables contain special chemical compound which can reduce the growth of gynecological tumors by restricting their stimulating reaction to estrogen. Purple onion and grapes also have similar therapeutic properties.

Many studies confirmed that women with sufficient calcium level can lower their risk of ovarian cancer by 54%. Women after menopause should take 1000 gm of calcium per day through their food such as dairy products, beans, small shrimp with skin, small fish, kelp and mustard green.

Low Estrogen Level

Lower than normal estrogen level in women can affect reproductive and heart functions. Soy beans are good source of plant estrogen. Taking soy milk 500 ml and 100 gm of soy products per day can help to maintain proper estrogen level. Taking royal jelly daily can help to increase estrogen level, prevent aging and offer a host of health benefits.

Fungal Vaginitis

Women should eat more garlic regularly to prevent fungal vaginitis. Besides having a host of health benefits, garlic is effective against fighting off a host of infections. It is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and has been used since a long time to treat wounds, typhus, cholera, intestinal parasites, recurrent yeast infections and candida albicans. Coriander is known for treating yeast infection.

Cervical Cancer

Lack of forlic acid in blood can lower white blood cells, affect normal growth of fetes and increase the chance of cervical cancer in women. To increase the level of forlic acid to prevent cervical cancer, women should eat more spinach, liver meat, bok-choy, amaranth, chive, fish, egg, grain and beans. Since forlic acid can be easily destroyed due to prolonged or high heat cooking, quick and low heat cooking is recommended.


Diet has tremendous influence on fertility. Fat is necessary for female body to transform into estrogen, the hormone that is crucial for fertility therefore under weight female or those who engaged in constant strenuous exercise will have difficulty in getting pregnant. Heavy smoking and excess alcohol can also render fertility. Zinc is believed to improve sexual performance and female eggs requires zinc. Oyster is a rich source of zine.


All Women Recipes:

Danelion and Hawthorn Tea (1502)

Supply natural estrogen to the body

Fragrant Black Tea (1503)

calm nerve, cure depression and reduce wrinkles

Sophorae Flower and Chrysanthemum Green Tea (1504)

Nourish skin, lower blood lipids and blood pressure

American Ginseng and Dates Tea (1505)

Prevent aging; promote blood, energy and immune functions

Senna and Dates Tea (1506)

Prevent aging, benefit liver and eyes

American Ginseng and Solomon’s Seal Tea (1507)

Smooth skin

Forever Young Herbal Tea (1508)

Promote circulation, lower blood pressure, prevent hardening of arteries, and prevent aging

Wood-ear and Red Dates Tea (1509)

Clear blood clot

Taxillus Dang-gui and Egg Tea (1510)

Treat anemia and scanty menstruation

Siberian Motherwort Herbal Tea (1511)

Regulate hormonal balance

Mistletoe and Gelatin Drink (1512)

Nourish blood and regulate menstruation

Hemlock Parsley and Costus Root Drink (1513)

Relieve pain during abnormal menstruation

Fox Nuts and Lotus Seeds Congee (1514)

Treat abnormal quantity of virginal discharge

Chrysanthemum with Red Date Congee (1515)

Prevent aging and illness.

Enriching Blood & Beauty Congee (1516)

Enrich blood, regulate menstruation and promote beauty

Promote Blood Black Glutinous Rice Congee (1517)

Promote blood and qi, improve circulation

White Peony and Dang-gui Congee (1518)

Correct irregular menstruation and infertility

Goji-leave and Egg Stir-fry (1519)

Supplement kidney energy and benefit semen count.

Papaya and Snow-ear Mushroom Soup (1520)

Sooth lung; clear phlegm; moisturize skin and move bowel

Wood-ear Mushroom and Pork/Chicken Soup (1521)

Moisturize skin, improve complexion and discoloring

Lotus Root and Black Bean Soup (1522)

Prevent premature aging

Dong Qui Mutton Soup (1523)

Regulating proper menstrual cycle and hormone balance

Dong Qui Astragalus and Chicken Soup (1524)

For relieving pain and dizziness during menstruation period

Dong Qui, Longan Fruit and Chicken Soup (1525)

Promote blood and improve sleep recipe

Lotus Chicken Soup (1526)

Dong Qui, Longan Fruit and Chic

Dried Lily Flower and Chicken Soup (1527)

Treat anemia, insomnia and hypertension recipe

Winter Melon and Job's Tears Soup (1528)

Relieve dampness and lose weight recipe

Red and Green Beans with Lily Bulb Soup (1529)

Improve blood circulation and clear toxins recipe

Peanut Pig Knuckle Soup (1530)

Increase milk for nursing mother

See Gua and Pig Liver Soup (1531)

Moisturizes skins and removes wrinkles

Solomen’s Seal and Beef Tenderloin Soup (1532)

Promote vital fluid and yin

Chinese Celery Soup (1533)

Lower blood pressure and clear stomach stagnation

Mutton Tofu Soup (1534)

Expel coldness from spleen system and regulate menstrual period

White Peony and Mussel Soup (1535)

Nourishing blood and regulating menstruation

Promote Yin Chicken Soup (1537)

Treat irregular virginal discharge

Ginkgo and Pork Soup (1538)

Invigorate kidney and detoxify

Siberian mother-wort and Eel Soup (1539)

Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis

Chicken, Dang Qui and Motherwort Soup (1540)

Treat infertility

Black Meat Chicken Herbal Soup (1541)

Treat infertility due to blockage of the fallopian tube

Goji-berries & Egg Dessert (1542)

Improve health and eyesight

Snow-ear Mushroom and Cherry Dessert (1543)

Promote energy, enrich blood, whiten skin and promote beauty

Red and White Dessert (1544)

Moisturize skin, enrich blood and calm nerve

Gingko, Chrysanthemum and Pear Dessert (1545)

Moisturize and whiten skin, promote vital fluid, detoxify skin