Hemlock Parsley and Costus Root Drink (1513)

Relieve pain during abnormal menstruation

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Hemlock Parsley and Costus Root Drink


Abdominal bloating, congested chest, irregular menstruation with blood clots, pain in the hypochondrium, palpitation.


Disperse blood to correct blood coagulation, promote energy circulation to correct energy congestion and relieve pain.


  • Hemlock parsley (chuan-xiong)  川芎 - 6gm
  • Costus root (mu-xiang) 木香 - 6gm
  • Brown sugar - 1 teaspoon

1.   Cook the two herbs with 3 cups of water over medium heat for 30 minutes to obtain one cup of tea.

2.   Add brown sugar to serve.


No restriction. Take at any time.

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