Papaya and Snow-ear Mushroom Soup (1520)

Sooth lung; clear phlegm; moisturize skin and move bowel

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Papaya and Snow-ear Mushroom Soup 




Sooth lung; clear phlegm; moisturize skin and move bowel.


  • Goji-berry / Chinese wolfberry 枸杞子 - 8gm
  • Snow-ear mushroom / Tremella  雪耳 - 12gm
  • Papaya 木瓜 - 300gm
  • Lean pork - 150gm

1.   Soak mushroom until soft, cut out root and separate into smaller pieces.

2.   Peel, seed and dice papaya.

3.   Rinse pork and cut into a few pieces.

4.   Soak and rinse wolfberries.

5.   Cook pork, wolf berries and mushroom in about 6 cups of water for 1.5 hour.

6.   Add papaya and cook for another 30 min.

7.   Season with salt. Eat content and soup.


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