Chinese Celery Soup (1533)

Lower blood pressure and clear stomach stagnation

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Chinese Celery Soup



Hypertension, indigestion, bad breathe, dizziness, and losing weight and sleep.


Clear heat, detoxify, lower blood pressure and clear stomach stagnation.  


  • Chinese Celery 唐芹菜 – 160gm
  • Fresh Bean Curd (frozen ) 冰腐竹– 300gm
  • Lean Pork – 100gm

1.   Wash pork and cut into thin slices.

2.   Wash celery and cut into sections.

3.   Wash and cut bean curd into sections.

4.   Put celery and pork in a pot with 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil and lower heat to medium to cook for 15 minutes.

5.   Add bean curd to cook for 5 more minutes and add seasoning to serve.


Suitable for all year round.  


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