Fragrant Black Tea (1503)

calm nerve, cure depression and reduce wrinkles

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Fragrant Black Tea



Weaken spleen function.


Recover spleen functions, strengthen stomach, enrich blood, calm nerve and cure depression. Long-term use can whiten & soften skin and reduce wrinkles.


  • Licorice / Radix Glycyrrhizae (gan cao) 甘草 – 150 gm
  • Clove / Flos Caryophylli (ding xiang) 丁香 – 25 gm
  • Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum (chen xiang) 沉香 – 25 gm
  • Black Tea – 250 gm
  • Ginger – 500 gm
  • Salt – 100 gm

1.   Blend all ingredients into a powder.

2.   Take 15 to 25 gm to make tea.


Best to take this tea in early morning. Can take up to a few times per day when necessary. No limitation.

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