White Peony and Mussel Soup (1535)

Nourishing blood and regulating menstruation

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White Peony and Mussel Soup



Heavy and prolonged menstrual flow due to unhealthy uterus.


 Stop bleeding by warming meridian, nourishing blood and regulating menstruation.


  • Dried mussel 淡菜 - 320gm
  • Black bean 黑豆 - 160gm
  • White peony (bai shao)  白芍 -  40gm
  • Mugwort (ai ye) 艾葉 - 8gm
  • Rice wine - one cup

1.   Pan-fry black bean on low heat with no oil until roasted and skin falling off.  Remove, rinse and drain.

2.   Rinse other ingredients and put all in a soup pot with about 5 cups of water and one cup of rice wine.

3.   Cook over medium heat for one hour to make one cup of soup. Drink soup only.


Not suitable for hot body constitution due to its warming effect.


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