Natural and herbal remedies for promoting yang energy

Promote Yang Recipes

Yang is associated with exterior, hot and excess. Prolonged invasion of cold-dampness, poor dietary habits and fatigue can result in yang qi stagnation and the poor flow of qi. Yang deficiency is characterized by cold limbs, fatigue, loose stool, lack of energy, shortness of breath, fluid retention, weak pulse and declining sexual function.

The treatment for yang deficiency is to control the excess of yin by avoiding cooling foods, to uplift yang energy, to nourish the five vital organs and to strengthen body functions. The common yang herbs are ginseng, astragalus, dang-gui and dang-shen.

The common yang foods are:


Hot; sweet/bitter; warm center and promote energy and blood, benefit kidney and warm stomach.


Warm; sweet; promote kidney yang, strengthen body.


Warm; sweet; benefit kidney, moisturizing, promote blood, improve memory.


Warm; sweet; warm internal regions.


Warm; pungent; uplift yang energy.


Warm; pungent; warm middle region and promote energy circulation.

All Yang Recipes:

Fresh Lily with Shrimp Stir-fry (2801)

Promote beauty and yang energy

Dangshen, Winter Melon and Eel Stew (2802)

Promote blood and improve yang energy

Dang Shen Whole Chicken (2803)

Promote yang energy and blood

White Turnip and Mutton Soup (2804)

Benefit kidney and yang energy, clear toxic material and improve digestion

Broomrape and Quail Soup (2805)

Treat lack of breath and sexual energy

Black Bean, Goji-berry and Carp Soup (2806)

Strengthen yang energy and promote blood

Mutton and Goji-berries Soup (2807)

Uplift yang energy, restore strength

Goji-berry Wine (2808)

Benefit kidney, treat frequent urination and impotent

Deer Horn Wine (2809)

Promote blood and yang energy

Ginger Chicken Soup (2810)

Expel cold and wind and promote blood