Natural and herbal remedy recipes for promoting yin energy

Promote Yin Recipes

Yin is associated with interior, cold and deficiency. Yin deficiency refers to deficient internal fluids due to excessive yang energy. Common symptoms are general weakness, blurred vision, scanty urine, constipation, dizziness, insomnia and low-grade fever.

Treatment for yin deficiency is to lower internal heat, promote vital fluids and to nourish the five vital yin organs.

The common cooling and moisturizing foods are:

Snow-ear mushroom

Neutral; sweet; lower lung heat, lower blood pressure, treat dry cough, not suitable for wind-cold cough.


Cold; sweet/sour; soothe lung, treat dry cough, clear phlegm, lower stomach heat with dry throat and mouth.

Pine nut

Little bit wet; sweet; moisturize 5 organs, promote yin, benefit liver, lower heat. Strengthen body and prevent aging.

Sugar cane

Neutral; sweet; lower heat, moisturize internal systems, benefit stomach, treat vomiting due to stomach yin deficiency. Not suitable when having heavy phlegm.

Sesame seed

Neutral; sweet; benefit 5 organs, promote energy, prevent aging, not suitable when having diarrhea.

Black bean

Neutral; sweet; treat profuse sweating, benefit kidney and liver, promote blood and strengthen muscle, diuretic.


Cool; warm; moisturizing, promote blood, clear heat and detoxify, benefit stomach qi and treat vomiting. 


Cool; sweet; moisturize large intestine to relieve constipation, benefit liver and promote blood, lower heat.


Slightly cool; sweet/salty; moisturizing, relieve dryness, promote energy.


Cool; sweet; clear heat; diuretic


Neutral; sweet; anti-aging, strengthening body, moisturize 5 organs, promote digestion, promote blood, detoxify.


Warm; sweet/salty; benefit 5 organs and promote blood, most suitable for people with week constitution.

All Yin Recipes:

Lo-han Fruit and Pears Drink (2901)

Promote yin

Lower Heat and Promote Yin Tea (2902)

Promote yin and nourish lungs and kidney

Sugar Cane & Water Chestnut Drink (2903)

Clear heat and promote vital fluid

Sealwort and Quail Soup (2904)

Nourish yin and moisturize lungs

Solomon's Seal and Pork Soup (2905)

Promote production of body fluid, nourish yin

Snow-ear Mushroom, Apricot Seed and Quail Soup (2906)

Promote yin and vital fluid, benefit lungs and clear phlegm and cough

American Ginseng, Abalone and Pork Soup (2907)

Nourish lungs, quench thirst and promote vital fluids

Mature Duck and Job's Tears Soup (2908)

Tonify yin and kidney, benefit qi and blood

Pseudostellaria and Pork Soup (2909)

Supplement vital energy and promote the production of body fluid

Chinese Yam and Snail Soup (2910)

Improve liver function and promote yin

Monkey-head Mushroom and Dried Snail Soup (2911)

Treat yin deficiency and neuritis

Monkey-head Mushroom and Fish Maw Soup (2912)

Nourish yin; tone kidney; replenish vital essence

Wood-ear and American Ginseng Soup (2913)

Treat yin and blood deficiency resulting in excessive internal heat

Eight Treasures Dessert (2914)

Benefit yin and lung, moisturizing and strengthening