Sealwort and Quail Soup (2904)

Nourish yin and moisturize lungs

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Sealwort and Quail Soup


Yin deficiency syndrome.


Nourish yin and moisturize the lung, benefit vital energy, supplement essence and enrich blood. For treating general weakness of loins and knees, insomnia, pale, lack of energy and appetite.

INGREDIENTS: (2 servings)

  • Sealwort (huang jing) 黃精 - 40gm,
  • Quail 鵪鶉 – 4
  • Dried longan fruit 龍眼肉- 20gm
  • Citrus peel(chen-pi) 陳皮 (pre-soaked and with white tissue removed)- one piece

1.   Wash quails and cut into halves, remove neck and tail. Put quails in boiling water to cook for a few minutes. Remove and rinse.

2.   Rinse herbs. Put all ingredients in a soup pot with about 8 cups of water. Bring to a boil, remove foam and reduce heat to simmer for 2 hours to about 3 cups of soup (add boiling water to the cooking if necessary).

4.   Add salt to taste and serve.


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