Sugar Cane & Water Chestnut Drink (2903)

Clear heat and promote vital fluid

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Sugar Cane and Water Chestnut Drink


Yin deficiency syndromes.


Treat dry throat and cough with some phlegm, clear heat and promote vital fluid.

INGREDIENTS: ( 3 to4 servings)

  • Sugar cane – a few sections
  • Dried lily bulb 百合- 80gm
  • Carrot – 3
  • Water chestnut 馬蹄 -10 to 20.

1.   Chop sugar cane into small pieces.

2.   Wash carrots and cut into thin pieces.

3.   Wash water chestnut with a brush. Cut off top and bottom and then cut each one into 3 pieces.

4.   Put all in a soup pot with plenty of water (about 3 liters) and cook over medium heat for over an hour.

4.   Drink tea only.


Suitable for the whole family.

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